By Any Means Necessary

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BAMN - By Any Means Necessary
  • Introduction
    • Humble Beginnings of the GroupThink Project-Group (GT)
    • The Meaning of the Symbolism: The Sankofa Bird
  • Chapter 1: Racism
    • What is Racism?
    • What Is The Origin Of Racism?
    • How Does This System Maintain Itself?
    • White Supremacy - The Burning House
    • Identifying Racism
    • What Is The Solution?
  • Chapter 2: From The Illuminati To The Hood
    • What Is The Illuminati?
    • Illuminati to the Hood
  • Chapter 3: The Disconnect
    • Freek Philosophies
    • Passive People
  • Chapter 4: The Reconstruction Of Black Civilization
    • Health Consciousness
    • Unity
    • Wealth Consciousness
  • Chapter 5: Contributing Authors Commentary
    • Warrior
    • Brown H0rnet
    • Clyde C. Coger, Jr
  • Chapter 6: Destee Network
    • Black People Web Sites… (Destee Network)
    • Other Notable Links
    • Suggested Reading and/or Viewing
  • Conclusion
    • Front Cover Image of Malcolm X
    • Bibliography
    • Poem: Mystery in History By Sister Phynxofkmt









The Authors

BAMN - By Any Means Necessary



Brother WARRIOR (POINTMAN) is currently an auto manufacturing worker, High School Graduate, Three Years of College in Journalism and Speech, Four Year Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Activist For The Equality of Black People, Father of Four Daughters, and the Proud Son of A Baptist Minister.


Brown H0rnet

Brother Brown HOrnet (Matt Mason) is the founder of Free Your Mind Online - a website designed to empower individuals so that they can take control of their personal finances and achieve wealth. This website includes a free financial e-zine, a resource center, a blog, a movie center and an e-book store. Free Your Mind Online . . . And the rest will follow -


Clyde Coger, Jr.

Brother Clyde C. Coger, Jr. is the author of "Does Color Matter? Only When Misrepresented: The Bible depicts the colors of Man and Consequences of false Representation" This work was published in 2006 and is considered a panacea for correcting perceived racism in scripture -

What Our Readers Are Saying

By reframing one of the most important, controversial, and misunderstood issues of modern times, "By Any Means Necessary" (BAMN) puts forward insights into a powerful new plan for repairing and restoring the damaged minds of African Americans. Yet, at the same time they identify areas and issues that perpetuate mental dissonance, spiritual confusion, and deteriorating health conditions.

Pastor W.O. Bailey

Dallas, TX

BAMN is a serious, educational, and entertaining work that will leave you amazed at what you did not know, and yearning to learn more! Three Black Men from different locations, experiences, and backgrounds, worked together with one voice. The authors have demonstrated a great example of putting differences aside for the sake of unity. I am honored that they would embark upon this journey from, and encourage you all to buy the book. You will not be disappointed!


Thank You Brothers

BAMN - By Any Means Necessary

From Destee

WARRIOR, Brown H0rnet, and Clyde Coger, Jr. embarked upon this journey to provide income for They thought enough of our online home to sacrifice their time, money, energy, and wisdom. These Brothers did not wait for anyone, they did not give up, they completed the task! This is but one of their efforts, preceded by a Newsletter and StoreFront. Their care and concern for is so beautiful a gesture as I have ever seen and will go down in our history as great manifestations of what we can do when we work together. I hope you will see the value of their sacrifice and buy this book, encourage their example, and help stay alive.

Thank you Brother WARRIOR, Brother Brown H0rnet, and Brother Clyde Coger, Jr.

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